Both NDC, NPP are thieves – Socrate Safo

Member of the Creative Arts Industry in Ghana and member of the ruling NPP, Socrate Safo has said both his party and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) are thieves as most people seem to suggest.

Citing a story of two thieves who went to steal from a victim, Socrate Safo told Amansan Krakye that NPP steals with compassion for the citizenry but NDC steals from the citizens in a heartless manner.

Socrate Safo speaking in the interview noted that if we assume that both parties steal from the citizens, he prefers NPP because at least the citizens benefit from certain good policies like the free SHS.

“Let me tell you this story of two thieves who went to rob someone of all their belongings. After robbing the person, the two thieves were arguing amongst themselves. One of them said they should kill the victim and runaway. The other thief said no they shouldn’t kill the victim but spare his life.

“They were arrested in the course of their robbery operation and were sent to court to be prosecuted. During the court prosecution, the victim who was robbed came to plead for the one who insisted that they shouldn’t kill him.

“Let’s assume that NPP and NDC are thieves just like most people say. But when you consider the two political parties you will realize that at least NPP would steal from us but still implement good policies which will benefit the ordinary people they’re stealing from.

“On the other hand, NDC are those thieves who will steal all your belongings and also take your ATM card to go and withdraw the only money you’re left within your bank account.

“This is the meaning of my story. So between these two thieves who do you prefer. The one who will steal you but yet make you have some benefits out of it or the one who will steal you and yet be so heartless that the little benefit you’ll get too they’ll take it from you”, Socrate Safo said.

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