Common sense has fled from most people in these times – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has stated that common sense is lacking in most people in Ghana these days.

She argued that the country has become so tribalistic that people think only according to party and tribe lines.

“Is too TRIBAL, until then, enjoy the TRIBALISTIC GHANA, a time when people don’t use common sense but only their party sense. Hopefully, our kids and their kids will love GHANA and not political parties”.

Yvonne Nelson’s statement comes on the back of backlash following her comment that former President of Ghana solved Dumsor before he left power.

She warned the John Mahama’s NDC not to take advantage of the explanation she gave to mean that she supports their party.

“NDC, listen, stop using me for your sweet headlines. I haven’t campaigned for ANY political party since I was born”

“My tweet about solving dumsor is exactly what happened when I held my vigil. DUMSOR ENDED two weeks after the vigil. STOP Misquoting me.”, Yvonne Nelson said.

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