Female music scene in Ghana is ‘dead’ due to absence of Kaakie, MzVee, Ebony – JMJ

Ghanaian music producer JMJ, known in private life as Joshua Raphaelson, says the Ghanaian female music scene is dead.

JMJ feels the current crop of female artists are not doing enough to dominate the music industry.

He thinks they have become too complacent, too comfortable or aren’t putting in much effort to match the males in the game.

“During the time of Kaakie I am sure you guys saw how active she was with her A-game and changing the scene so quickly. Same was MzVee and Ebony Reigns (of blessed memory) when they hopped on too – these 3 females directed all the traffic to their corner and gave us hits back to back nonstop”

“When these 3 pulled their plugs small and others came on, we can hardly see any female in that same light as them. Shouts to Wiyaala who is doing well out the, she could be an exception but the rest are still not there yet for me. Kaakie, MzVee and Ebony not being there has made that side of the game virtually dead”, JMJ said.

Ebony Reigns entertained Ghanaians with bangers till she met her untimely death in 2018.

Though MzVee has made a comeback, she went silent for two years due to depression.

Singer Kaakie also left Ghana to continue her education in the UK and later got married.

Source JiveGH.com
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