FIPAG releases Tracey Boakye’s membership ID number, photo

Actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye seems to have been exposed by the Film Producers Association Ghana (FIPAG) for saying she’s not a member.

FIPAG said it was suspending the movie producer for using vulgar and unprintable words against MzBel.

The suspension letter indicates that Tracey Boakye is “not supposed to take part in any activities during this period until the situation is reviewed.”

In her reaction, the actress descended heavily on the Film Producers Association of Ghana over the association’s press statement.

Tracey said she has never been part of the Film Producers Association of Ghana, hence can’t understand how she can be suspended.

In reaction to her denial, FIPAG has released photos of some of its members on social media to prove that Tracey Boakye belongs to the Association.

In the identification album which has since gone viral, Tracey Boakye is seen with her identification number being FP0173.

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  1. Anonymous says

    So she lies everywhere. hmmm short memory indeed. I understand 😂😜

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