Ghana will have a smooth election – Shatta Wale

Popular dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has asked his fans to ensure the elections coming up next December is done in a very peaceful manner.

He encouraged his fans to go out and vote for their preferred candidates and return home peacefully.

Speaking in an interview on TV3, Shatta Wale after pledging to peace said; ‘People know that Shatta is more concerned about his country and where he is coming from.

“So basically, this year is an election year and all I tell my fans every time on my social media pages is to be themselves. To support one political party is not the problem but it is how well you are educated about politics and I believe most of my fans are educated about politics .

“We are not into those times when we will want to go into violence. This election has been preached well and I have preached to my fans and I believe this is a year where we are going to have a smooth elections that everybody will be happy about .

“My fans are ready to support this country to reach the level where it wants to go, so, I tell my fans to be calm and go and vote for your candidate and let us see who flies out the golden colours.”

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