‘Insults were just flowing in my DM’ – NaaNa Blu reacts to eShun’s breakup with manager

NaaNa Blu, who is being managed by eShun’s former manager, Stephen Mensah, has revealed that she suffered as a result of her manager’s rift with his former artist.

She stated that some people blamed her for Stephen Mensah’s breakup with eShun.

The accusers lambasted her because eShun’s Instagram account was changed to her name.

NaaNa Blu said she has received several insults as a result of the friction between eShun and Stephen Mensah.

“I wasn’t comfortable when the news came up because people were in my dm saying a lot of things. I received a lot of insults from a lot of people. I don’t blame anyone, it’s how they felt when they heard the news. It’s not anybody who will dig to find the other side of the story so I won’t blame anyone. It’s part of the game,” she said.

NaaNa Blu added that she tried to stop him from switching the Instagram accounts.

“I know nothing about what went on. Even though my manager discussed with me, I told him I don’t want it and he went on to do it. I didn’t even know he had done it till I saw the news circulating. I even had a back and forth with him over that,” she stated.

eShun had alleged that Stephen verbally abused, blackmailed and emotionally tortured her while they were dating.

For the first time, eShun confessed that Stephen was actually her fiancé who was sponsoring her music rather than a manager.

Stephen Mensah in his response stated that though his public image and reputation has been injured, he is not ready to publicly engage eShun in a battle of words.

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