‘Kumerica’ has no future, it is dead on arrival – Wei Ye Oteng jabs ‘Kumericans’

Music producer and CEO of Drum Lyne Music, Wei Ye Oteng, has downplayed the essence of the Kumerica movement.

‘Kumerica’ seeks to westernize the Ashanti city with some American hood names and mannerisms.

People in Kumasi and it’s surrounding towns have come to be known as Kumericans.

Wei Ye Oteng is skeptical and believes the movement would soon collapse.

In a Facebook post, the music producer indicated that the top trend would soon be no more because it was not carefully thought-through.

He added that the Kumerica trend could have survived and stayed longer than usual if the originators had made it more about themselves or Asante culture.

The music producer also stressed that allowing all subsets of the trend to be added would rather make it weak.

“Kumerica has no future is dead on arrival because it was never thought through. We could have done it better by projecting us and not confusing ourselves. Confuse boys.#Otengbeats#WYO#Obrafour#drumlyneent#TheSmoke#behindthesmoke”, he wrote.

Source JiveGH.com
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