La Meme Gang to face lawsuit over rape allegations

La Meme Gang music group, was hit on social media nearly a week ago with rape allegations against two of its members.

The allegations, targeted at RJZ and David Duncan were made on social media with the accuser saying she had ample evidence and was thus reporting the incident to the police.

The group, however, put out an official statement to debunk these allegations by stating that these allegations are calculated efforts to tarnish their image.

Lawyer Lebrecht Hesse, lawyer of the supposed victim has, on the other hand, threatened lawsuits against the group by as he reveals that there is overwhelming evidence against the accused persons.

Speaking in an interview with Doctor Cann on the Showbiz Xtra show, the lawyer said:

“As far as we are concerned we have hard evidence against them. The Doctor who has examined the lady has revealed that our client has gone through a difficult phase. We are seeking justice. The evidence we have confirms that it was a gang rape”.

Responding to the official statement issued by the group with regards to the allegation, the lawyer said:

“The issue started trending on twitter and other ladies were also making allegations against them so their statement released is in respects to the allegations by the other ladies”, he added.

Lawyer Lebrecht Hesse appealed to the general public to support their cause of seeking justice for his client who he believes has been subjected to a traumatizing experience by the La Meme Gang Group.

“Sometimes our criminal jurisdiction is problematic and you know with these issues depending on the traction it gets either from lawyer or civil society organizations that is when some great results come. Aside from that, few people are able to push to achieve the desired results so it is a consensus effort. We need to help the lady because given the evidence at hand, we need to seek justice for her. For now, we have been able to meet the police. We are yet to issue a writ against the culprit in the civil law of court and slap the culprit with the heavy damage”.

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