People who preach peace during elections are hypocrites – Socrate Safo

Movie producer and staunch member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Socrate Safo has a problem with peace preachers.

He described individuals and groups who move from place to place to preach peace as hypocrites.

According to Socrate Safo, such individuals only seek sponsorship for their personal gains.

“In 2016 when I was recruiting entertainers for the NPP during the elections, there were many who refused me saying, they’re not ready to support any political party openly but they’re for us. Many were of the view that they would rather go for a peace campaign with pictures and posters of all political parties”

“Meanwhile, when we were done, they were all over seeking cash at our thanksgiving service. When the food was cooked, they wanted to eat but refused to do the work first. That’s the hypocrisy I am talking about.

“Is anybody within the various political parties advocating for war? Between myself and Bulldog sitting here, has anybody advocated for war? We are talking about a political party here. Political parties are raised to speak against war so we don’t advocate for war”

“Democracy is in existence, none of these political parties advocate for war so it makes no sense to walk all over the place in advocacy of peace. There’s nothing wrong joining either NDC or NPP to campaign for them,” he said.

Socrate Safo slammed peace campaigners for taking advantage of the elections to make money.

“For me, it is the highest form of hypocrisy for anybody to get up and call for peace as if those supporting political parties are calling for war. It is hypocrisy for you to say that ‘me, I am for peace’. Those who are supporting parties, are they for war?”

“There’s a business to it where people go and look for sponsorship and say we are for peace, we are coming to do peace songs… they make their cash through that business venture.”, he claimed.

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