Politicians and armed robbers are the same – Kwaw Kese

Rapper Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey, popularly known as Kwaw Kese has slammed politicians, labeling them as armed robbers.

He stated that politicians and armed robbers are the same.

Kwaw Kese noted the difference between politicians and armed robbers is very little as he argued that they do the same work of stealing.

He explained that while armed robbers use guns and other ammunitions, politicians use pen and paper to steal from the people.

“Politicians and armed robbers they are all the same”, he said in a video.

The outspoken rapper stressed that they are all robbing from the people, so they are the same.

Kwaw Kese advised people to wise up and desist from killing themselves for these politicians.

He also mentioned that the kids of politicians live abroad and enjoy good lives while the kids of voters suffer back home.

Source JiveGH.com
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