Sefa apologizes for copyright infringement

Ghanaian songstress and Black Avenue Muzik record label signee, Sefa has apologized for what may be a copyright infringement in her Shuga song.

She admits that no follow up was made when part of Daddy Lumba’s ‘Aben Wo Ha’was used in her song.

Apologising in an interview on the Late Nite Celebrity show she said:

“We sampled the song and we didn’t do anything which is wrong on our part and we are very very sorry. But I think the fact that people are saying that is not creative is a bit misunderstanding. Now people in my decade don’t know these songs and so going back and merging it with what is happening now if that is not creative then I don’t know what it is.”

Sefa made a point, noting that, incorporating some old songs into the new ones, was a way to ensure the old songs never died out.

“How do you expect a song to forever live on when you don’t have those in the current age promoting it for you?”

“When you are recording a song its more like a vibe; how you vibe with the song. It is not conscious . It is a creative process and we are in the creative industry.The fact that we can even go back to an old song for people my age to love it is creative”,she added.

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