Shatta Wale reveals how political parties can get his endorsement

Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has revealed the only way he will accept to endorse a political party in Ghana ahead of the elections.

The singer said the only condition is that the party agrees to his terms.

“If they want to convince me to do it, they have to come to my terms…,” he said Hello FM.

Nonetheless, Shatta Wale believes he is too expensive for any political party to afford.

“Political parties are not my type of thing…I so expensive for a political party; they can’t pay me….if they want to approach me; it’s going to be a very difficult thing. If they want to convince me to do it they have to come to my terms but it’s not my thing”, he added.

This comes after Shatta Wale revealed he may venture into active politics soon.

According to the singer, if the need arises that he serves the people of Ghana as a government official, he won’t hesitate.

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