Shatta Wale says Fameye’s ‘247’ music video is of low quality

Music video for Fameye’s song titled ‘247’ featuring KiDi is of low quality, according to Shatta Wale.

The Dancehall artist seems not impressed with the visuals and has criticized its quality.

While commenting on the state of the industry, Shatta Wale used Fameye’s video as one example of the works below standard.

He lamented the poor quality of the videos and how it will affect the industry.

Shatta Wale pointed to lack of finances as one major setback to the progress of the music industry.

“Money is the problem. If I am complaining about money, then think about the young ones coming up”

“Our videos are not even crossing to Nigeria because of the standard. We are trying to look like we are shooting videos but if you check the props and everything you realise that a lot of things are missing.”

“Recently I was watching a video but I don’t want anybody to feel bad about it. I was watching Fameye and KDi’s video and I was like it was sad. If I say poor, they will feel bad,” he said.

Check out Fameye’s ‘247’ music video below:

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