Stop blackmailing Mahama, he’s not the father of your child — Gloria Kani to Tracey Boakye

Former friend of Tracey Boakye, Gloria Kani seems ready to go to every extent to reveal supposed Tracey Boakye secrets and wrongdoings.

Gloria Kani claims Tracey Boakye is blackmailing former President John Mahama.

She warned her colleague to stop blackmailing the politician by claiming he is the father of her child.

According to Gloria, all the threats and blackmail Tracey is heaping on John Mahama will not yield any results, and that she will personally lead the family of JM to come after Tracey Boakye.

“I don’t have time for you but I am telling you that you threatening John Mahama will not yield any results. The way you are blackmailing JM will get you nowhere. The man will free from your trap. The man, he will be free from your trap,” she said in her live video.

Tracey Boakye in previous videos had said that a ‘big man’ was the father of her second child but did not mention a name.

Also, Tracey had claimed that her current ‘big man’ and sugar daddy used to date actress Mzbel.

Gloria Kani, Tracey Boakye, and Mzbel are all members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) currently being led by John Mahama.

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