‘Such nonsense’ – Bridget Otoo unleashes unwarranted attacks on Oti-Adjei, Ameyaw Debrah

Bridget Otoo seems to have become an overzealous supporter of the NDC as she has decided to unleash her anger on anyone who disagrees with many of her analogies.

Latest at the receiving end of this display is her fellow journalist Michael Oti-Adjei and blogger Ameyaw Debrah.

Bridget Otoo was in the trends on Twitter for describing celebrities who went to the Ayawaso West Wuoguon constituency to campaign against fellow celebrity John Dumelo ‘daft’.

Following that Oti-Adjei expressed his opinion that he does not see the logic in the view of Bridget Otoo that celebrities need to support other celebrities and not have preferences.

He wrote: “Everybody is free to pick a side and propagate that publicly but other actors clearly are not supposed to because their colleague is contesting in the particular race. This logic I don’t understand. Must have been why every journalist backed Oppong Nkrumah.”

This comment which did not seem in line with Bridget Otoo’s school of logical reasoning, dared Oti-Adjei to mention her in his comment if he is not a hypocrite. She described the comment as “nonsense” and later tweeted at Oti-Adjei with strong words.

She first wrote: Tag me next time and stop this hypocrisy. Such nonsense. Is that what I said? Can you not read?

And then tweeted: .@OtiAdjei next time tag me! Please, by all means, you continuously malign me on this app and I look away. I won’t take this from you. You are no better than me, not in qualification, education or even in this profession. Please I’m ready for you. So keep it coming.

That did not end there as blogger Ameyaw Debrah was given his fair share of the heat by Bridget Otoo who said he (Ameyaw Debrah) wants to rely on her name to pull traffic to his site.

She wrote: “You set me up to be insulted to drive traffic to your website cos the #ad from Npp wasn’t enough to drive enough traffic”

Source JiveGH.com
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