‘Too many old heads in our political governance, total overhaul needed’ – E.L

Popular Ghanaian artist E.L is advocating for young people to take over the political affairs of the country as leaders.

He feels the elders in the country have done their best and it is time for the youth to take over.

The younger generation, he noted, is more aware of the problems that affect the youth and capable of finding better solutions.

E.L wants ”a total overhaul” in Ghana’s political leadership and advocated a government structure that will involve people who “will be way younger, to start with”.

“There are too many older people and we are supposed to be moving forward”, he stated on Class FM.

“There are a lot of old heads in our politics these days, who have absolutely no clue [about] the direction that we want to move because we have the future in our hands”

“So, for me, first of all, it will be way younger, there will be policy changes regarding a lot of things; I can’t even begin to mention”, he said.

E.L makes this call ahead of the 2020 elections in Ghana scheduled for December 7.

Source JiveGH.com
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