Video of Samini speaking against celebrities endorsing political parties in 2016 pops up

A video of Samini condemning the act of celebrities endorsing political parties in 2016 has popped up.

The artiste in a series of tweets on November 2, 2020, declared his support for the president of the republic and went ahead to release a song to that effect.

In one of the tweets, he wrote: ““These are challenging times for the world. My Voice, My Vote will support Leadership that has empathy and serves to create a hopeful future for the next generation #kpoyaka”.

The new song titled ‘Kpoyaka’, resounds the many good works of the president and urges electorates to make the right choice of choosing him.

In 2016 he told Joy News in an interview that it was not advisable for a ‘showbizer’ to stick their neck out for a political party.

“I don’t think it is too healthy to do that as a people’s person because you represent the masses and you have various political affiliations listening to your music at the same time without any political intentions so you appeal to a broader audience at a go so when you take sides in serious issues like this, issues concerning serious decision making for the country’s welfare, and just maybe you happen to offend a huge fan by that move, it goes a long way to affect your career, going forward,” he said.

He said it also makes room to attack the celebrities who openly declare their support for political parties.

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