Dear Dave: Can’t single mothers have it all?

Dave, I am now a single mum due to the lie of a man.

I got to know he was married and backed off.

Dave, my son is now three years and by the grace of God we don’t lack anything though his dad refused to be responsible. He has the means but won’t do it, just because I refused to be his second wife. I just thank God I am working and able to take care of my son.

Dave, my issue is I have decided to be single, pursue my masters and raise my son. My mum doesn’t want to understand this. These are her words: “one day when I’m old, people will think I am an old witch preventing my daughter from marrying. If you are a lady and not with a man it sends bad impressions to others.”

Dave, those are her words.

I tried to let her understand that it doesn’t work like that these days. But she is giving me unnecessary pressure. I’m in my early 30s.

Dave, what do you think? Is my mum right? Is my decision not good?

I tried 2 relationships after my son’s dad but they didn’t work. I can categorically tell you I’m never the cause of all the breakups. I go into relationships with the whole me, I give it my best but I don’t get the best. I am always taken advantage of, hence my decision.

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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