Dear Dave: Confused!

I am in an intimate relationship with my husband’s best friend’s wife.

We realized we were attracted to each other barely a year ago. And we have tried to keep the relationship as closeted as possible.

We love our husbands, so that could make us bisexuals. A few months ago, my girlfriend’s husband came across one of our naughty chats and video exchanges and he is taking advantage of the opportunity to get laid.

He has threatened to tell my husband about my affair with his wif doubt if he will forgive me for cheating on him with a woman. His friend is a sweet talker and may lie to his advantage.

What do I do?e, if I tell my husband or wife about his demands. He wants to have sex with me and he says he has been admiring me for a long time and he wants to know me intimately.

I love my husband and I do not want to sleep with any other man. What do I do? Do I give in to him or just tell his wife? I wanted to tell my husband but

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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