Dear Dave: He was nobody’s type

Mr. Dave, at what point does a woman stop forgiving her husband’s sins. Because I think I am tired, I am tired of being the one to make our marriage work. I am tired of trying to keep the home together.

I am tired of trying because there are children involved, I am tired of being the good one in the marriage. When I met him, he was not what people find attractive today; he wasn’t comfortable in life and not in this good shape. He was not any of the women he used to like’s dream.

Our best friend told me there was no future for him. But I wasn’t concerned about what he was not. I liked his passion, with a sense of care and energy. He feared God and was focused on his dreams. He realized how much I was willing to know him when he expressed his interest.

We became best friends and I made him my priority because used to tell me people had once looked down on him and his dreams. I agreed to marry him because I love him so much and he knows this. I am so sad because he is now finding another woman attractive.

She is very beautiful and I have seen the things he has been doing for her. Those ones he tells me and many he hides from me. He made the woman become my friend and they are trying to play the friendship card in my presence but are sleeping together.

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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