Dear Dave: He’s remarried but won’t divorce me

Hi Dave,

God bless you for the good works that you have chosen to do with your page. I am a very troubled lady who needs advice urgently. Please keep me anonymous. 

I have a two-year- old daughter from a very short-lived marriage. The baby was barely five months when I returned from work to meet an empty house. All efforts to reach the man and his family to sit on the matter so that we both either live together or go our separate ways has proved futile.

He has refused to take care of the child from that time to now. Recently he sent me his wedding pictures via Facebook. He added that since our marriage was customary marriage, he does not owe me any divorce so he has moved on. 

I informed my family of this new development so my relatives decided to return his bible, ring and schnapps to him because the marriage is clearly over. When they took the items, he refused to receive them and insolently told them to take the matter to court if we don’t understand. 

Dave, please I need advice on what to do about this issue because some elders around me are saying since he didn’t take the items, it means the marriage hasn’t ended. He has moved on with his life without breaking this marriage. Why must mine be on pause? And again, can I seek legal redress on this matter? As in, he going ahead to marry under ordinance when he has an existing customary marriage. Thank you.

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