Dear Dave: My first love is back but with a vasectomy

Good day Dave.

Please hide my identity. I fell in love with a fellow classmate when we were teenagers. We dated when I was 18 and he was 19, so that means we were done with secondary school.

Life took me to the university while he furthered his education in Europe.

We broke up before he left and it was a painful one .So during my university days though I was in a relationship, I had an opportunity to travel to Europe and met my first love again. One thing led to another but I left for Ghana. I found out a few months after getting back that I was pregnant for him but he didn’t want anything to do with it so my mum helped me abort the child and continued with my life.

I never got married but I gave birth along the line several years after the incident. I heard he married a white lady and had 2 kids. We are both in our 40s now. So somewhere last year he reached out to me after all these years but he left back to his base. Then earlier this year he reached out to me again and we talked over everything and he apparently has been divorced for 5 years and was planning to move to Ghana because he has started a thriving business.

So about 4 months ago we connected again and I must confess, I still liked him dearly. He feels the same way; he loves me just the way I have always dreamed of. He is ready to marry me, all I need to say is ‘yes’ but the only problem is he has had a vasectomy. He says it is reversible. He will go back and do that but my intense research all around shows that it is permanent. I wish to at least have one more child. Should I just settle and enjoy this love and affection and forget the prospects of being a mother one last time. Or just let him go and keep searching though he has it all.

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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