Dear Dave: My friend’s wife is seriously tempting me

Dave, trust you are doing well.

Dave I almost sinned or should I say I have sinned?

I almost slept with my friend’s wife. Dave, I should say I am a very disciplined young man. I have not had sex for the past four years so when the temptation presented itself…

I have been in a relationship which lasted four years but due to tribal issues we had to end it (a story for another day).

During these years, my lady proposed we abstained from sex which I agreed because of the love I had for her. Now my fear is, now that she is no more in my life, I may be a victim to this trap.

Dave, I am trying to stay away from my friend’s wife but it may look so obvious and the husband may start to suspect there is something we are not telling him.

Dave, she said all these years even before she got married to my friend, she had been looking for an opportunity to lay me but I have been stubborn. So last week my friend asked me to go to his house and pick something for him. When I got to the house, OH LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME!! I couldn’t look at her twice.


I got what I was sent there for but when I was about leaving, she locked the hall door and removed the key and demanded I hug her otherwise she wouldn’t open it. I stood for a second and hugged her.

Dave, the follow up demands was what got me speechless and scared. I couldn’t say ‘no’. Neither was I able to say ‘yes’. She demanded to see my manhood before I could say jack her hand was in pant and we were kissing.

Thank God we didn’t have sex but the way things are going I am really really scared. I know I am not making any sense but I really need help so I don’t break up somebody’s home. Dave, what do I do? Tell my friend?

Please keep anonymous.

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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