Dear Dave: My husband the MP

Hi Bondze, I have a question for all the men on your page. But before I ask the question, I’d want to introduce the reason to you.

My husband is an MP and he is campaigning to retain his seat in parliament for no work done.

I find it difficult to understand how he can go to the electorates to convince them to vote for him again. The amount of money from his other account that he has been giving to two women I know he is sleeping with is more than any he has ever spent in his constituency. I have had him followed for some time in the past years and have gathered a lot of evidence to stand on to divorce him.

But like every other woman in my shoes, I am being tactical because of our children.

David, his constituency is not benefitting from his representation in parliament. His women are. He takes very good care of the home but I am still finding it difficult to reconcile his actions.

I have tried to play along and pretend for long. He disgusts me when he touches me. On his campaign, he mentions God a lot but he is not a Godly man by any stretch. Why are men bold to lie and cheat? Why are public officials deceptive and opportunists? Because I can’t find any other words to describe my husband.

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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