Dear Dave: Paid for sex

I lied to my husband and made him believe I hadn’t known a lot of men. He thinks he’s the 2nd or 3rd guy in my life because that’s the impression I created for him to fall in love with me.

He loves good girls so I have to be one to fit his criteria. But the truth is he is the13th man I have slept with in my life. I was not an ashawo (prostitute). I just loved the taste of different dicks and the different smells on the bodies and mouths of men. When I taste a man, I taste everything about them. I was in a short relationship with all of them.

Recently, my husband took me to a function and I came into contact with three of the men from my past. Two saw me but did not approach because they were in the company of their wives. They smiled at me as a sign of their remembrance of the good old days. The 3rd guy who was my favorite of all the men I slept with came to talk to me even though his wife was also at the function. The reason why he is my favorite is because he used to put a prize on a challenge. If I was able to go more than one round, he paid me 1k.The first rounds were always free but the subsequent rounds fetched me 1k each. I could walk out with 5k in a night. He is a very rich business mogul.

Dave, until I married my husband I lived a comfortable life. I could afford a good life and though he is slightly old, he could stand on his feet to work miracles. His favorite position was doggy so my favorite position is doggy. I know how to take it in and also ride well. When he approached me, he handed me a small piece of paper with the amount of 1800. It means per session, if I am to consider a reunion.

Dave, I work but still I want to be financially independent with a side kick. My husband hasn’t been faithful to me. I know he flirts with girls and might have slept with one or two, but that is not the reason for this decision. I want to have good fun in bed but he’s not exciting and romantic. I want fun sex and this old gee has got his game on. Would it be wrong to consider this offer? It will be a great booster for me and the home

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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