Dear Dave: Please tell him I’m sorry

Hi Dave, I’m a silent member on your page and I’ve learnt a lot from both stories and comments.

Please I have an issue and I will need the advice from your noble audience. I’m currently staying with my guy with whom I have 2 kids with. We were not on good terms for almost a month so I decided to go and stay with my mum and dad for a while to ease myself from overthinking.

He blocked me on Facebook, Whatsapp and normal calls a week after I had left.

I was really hurt and worried but pretended to play hardcore. When suffering from my emotional trauma, I met a guy through a friend and we started chatting and I felt a bit okay. Someway, somehow my guy has the message between the new guy and I. I did have flirty chats but nothing happened between us because we met only twice all in the company of my friend but my guy has refused to believe that I did nothing with the new guy.

He said that it’s over upon all the apologies I have rendered. I’m ashamed for what I did but he’s not ready to give me another chance. Please what should I do? All insults are welcome because I know I have faulted big time. I love him dearly and don’t want to lose him. Please post for me anonymously and kindly alert me when posted.

I’m so disturbed right now. I want to ask someone to help me apologize to him but I’m scared he might not listen. Dave, honestly I have known my guy to be an IT genius but never thought he could recover deleted SMS. He said he’s going to forward the messages to his elder sisters because they scolded him when I told them he blocked me and wasn’t calling to check up on the kids.

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