Experts reveal the best places to sit on an airplane

Picking seats for your flight might seem like such a trivial chore, but being intentional in your choice can give you specific benefits for a smoother flight.

For the many special requests during a flight, experts reveal the best places to sit.
There isn’t a particular great seat in the plane, well, except you’re in Business Class.

For safety

If safety for that flight is your concern, pick an aisle or middle seat in the rear, as far behind the trailing edge of the wing as possible. Though flight attendants will take you all seats are equal, a 2007 extensive study conducted by popular mechanics found that passengers sitting near the tail of a plane were 40% more likely to survive a plan crash than those sitting in the first few rows.

For a quick exit

It is common knowledge that when deplaning, passengers seated at the front of the plane get to leave first. So, if you’re time conscious, pick a seat on the left side of the plane, in the front.

For a smoother ride

Do you usually have to battle the nausea of plane-sickness or turbulence? Seats near the wing of the plane tend to offer a smoother ride because they are nearest to the plane’s centre of gravity.

For a quiet ride

Pick a seat as far up front as possible if you want to escape the loud engine noise from the back. Enjoy a book, work or just kick back away from all the noise.

For a good view/sweet sleep

This is the most common request for travellers. If you are craving a smooth sleep, pick a window seat. Window seats give the calming view to ease you into sleep, give you the neck rest that is needed, avoids the disturbance that comes from having to excuse your neighbour and gives you a quieter ride.

For better service

It might seem like sitting in front will get you better service, but experts advise to pick a seat at the back. In an article with Oyster, flight attendant Annie Kingston wrote that if you’re sitting in the back, attendants will give you a better service. She says: “We like to avoid responding to call bells from the front of the plane because answering one means potentially flaunting whatever item the passenger has requested to everyone else along the way.”

Chances are that if you’re sitting at the back, you’ll get more overhead bin space for your travel carry-on. This might be due to the rear being less crowded than the front and middle.

For more legroom

Exit row seats (emergency exit row seats) typically offer more legroom than other seats. Picking an aisle seat also allows you to stretch your legs into the aisle.

For children

For someone with kids, it is advisable to pick the bulkhead (right after the partition) seats. They allow kids more room to move about, sit on the floor and are great for potty breaks because of their high proximity to the bathroom.

Source PulseNG
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