Future other woman

I would want to believe I’m in a very good marriage because I do not see my wife feeling or thinking about not being cared for or not wanted.

I make sure we send quality time together and I am intentional with this in many ways. I can put aside four whole evenings in a week, just to spend time in each other’s company so we can truly connect.

We very often walk alone holding hands, giving hugs, and sometimes giving or receiving a massage. We also have a very sensual vibe and gesture that we exchange at home on a daily basis just to make us feel physically attached as husband and wife.

We do this in the presence of our children, in-laws, when they visit and even the househelp. This is who we, we love each other very much and nothing is going to change that. The reason why I am contacting you is because lately, I have been seeing the way the househelp attends to me and looks at me.

There is so much love in her eyes. She is always very emotional whenever she sees me showing so much love to my wife at home. There is always that look of “I need a man like you” stare. Other times too, I read the “I am here for you” look in her eyes.

This week, I read the “Show me some love” expression in her deeds and I started to look at her in a different way. She will be 17 this year and we are putting her through school. I used to not see her because she was young, but now I see her as a young woman.

She is a good girl too and knows how to cook well and has respect for everyone in the house. I want to start buying her things or giving her extra money on the side to save. I really like her and I feel she sees and likes me for who I am. Is it okay to groom her secretly?

So when she is of age and in her 20s, I can settle her somewhere and keep her as my girlfriend, instead of cheating on my wife with someone else. I want to keep an official other woman in my life.

This wouldn’t stop me from being a husband to my wife and father to our kids. I just want to plan forward, the day I would want to go for a girlfriend. Should I look out or find love from home?

 Which is best?

Source David Bondze-Mbir
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