Tips on how to choose the right bra size

Learned accountant and entrepreneur, Rachel Baaba Anafo, has shared some tips on how a woman can figure out her breast size so as to choose the correct bra size for herself.

Interviewed on the award-winning Girl Vibes TV show hosted by Mercy Bee on eTV Ghana, she explained that firstly, the letter identification “A, B, C…” are the various cap sizes and it is very important to know this, especially when buying the UK or the US sized bras.

“First, you have to know the bra band. With that, you measure right below your bust where the band sits. That’s the torso under your bust. Mostly, it’s better if someone does this for you because your arms should be by your side and you should breathe normally.

File Photo: A woman getting her bra size measured

When you take the measurement, if it’s an even number, you add four to it to get your band size and if it’s an odd number, you add five. So for instance, if the measurement is 26, then your band size is 30 and if it’s 27, then your band size is 32”, she said.

Rachel continued that the next measurement to be taken is of the breast, making sure that the tape touches both nipples. The band measurement now becomes the bra size and the bust measurement is subtracted from the band measurement to make the cap size.

“After taking the bust measurement, you subtract that from the band measurement to give you the cap size. In case the bust measurement and band measurements are the same, giving you zero after you subtract, then it means that person will wear 32AA”, she further added.

Source eTVGhana
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