Police Officer slaps woman at registration centre

A video of an Officer in Ghana Police Service slapping a woman at a voters registration centre during an argument has gone viral on social media

In the video sighted the officer clad in his official uniform served the woman a hefty slap to her left cheek in the heat of an argument.

Although the cause of their altercation is not known, the officer can be heard warning the woman to be cautious less she incurs his wrath.

“If you want to show that you are a boss I will also show you that I am a boss…… you can’t just talk to me roughly,” the officer said.

3y3 Asem ooo Ama Ghana.Trust me if the women group in this country and African as a whole refuse to stand up for this woman we the men will stand up.Where from this foolishness in our Police force ?

Posted by Spinnoza Kwabena Ayisi Aboah on Friday, July 10, 2020
Source JiveGH.com
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