My toughest interview was with Nadia Buari – ZionFelix

Award-Winning Blogger, Zionfelix has revealed, his toughest interview till date is his interview with beautiful Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari

According to him, Nadia was not forthcoming and also gave straight answers, making the interview short and blunt.

Speaking in an interview on Atinka Drive, the blogger who has about a million followers on social media said: “Nadia’s interview was tough. She was not forthcoming with information. She does not like giving out information and she was so straight.”

ZionFeliz explained saying, this was after she had children and people asked a lot of questions which made him gather all to ask her.

“People were asking a lot of questions about her children, their father and when I met her, I asked her all those questions but she felt I was going too deep so she was straight I ended it. Not just her, but I heard Jackie is also like that. They have few words, so if you are not good as an interviewer, it will be short,” He said.


Walking us through his journey as a blogger, he said he started blogging nine years ago after Senior High School when he had a Laptop.

“I created an online platform on Facebook and OMG Ghana took me on, I worked for them for two years and I asked them to open a website for me for free and I was doing a lot including school. I started 2011, 2012 OMG employed me and it continued from there,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said he does not see himself as a celebrity although he is a celebrity blogger, adding that he has followers and not fans.

“I do not have fans, I have followers, I do not see my self as a celebrity,” he said.

He said he loved entertainment whiles in SHS, and wanted to be an Actor and a TV presenter, desiring to be like Chris Attoh, but because his family had no one to help him, he forgot about that dream

“I went to private schools and there was no term I finished paying my fees. I could leave one school to the other because my parents could not pay my fees. I used to like sports but when I went to SHS I forgot it; I also wanted to be like Chris Attoh, a TV personality or MC, but no one could help me in my family so I left it,” he said.

Although a blogger, he stated that blogging in Ghana has taken a different phase, such that they do not only blog about celebrities, but also report main news.

The Young blogger who seem to be ‘rich’ in no time said he acquired everything he has through blogging.

“To make money out your work depends on you. I do radio and TV, everything I have done is out of the blogging for the past nine years. Everything I have acquired is as a result of blogging. Blogging has really helped me. Through blogging I have the name, and out of that I get things for free. I have been able to put up a four bedroom house, we have a small car and God has given us the brains to work,” He said.

However, he added that,”We are trying to venture into other things that are not related to media, especially now that we are out there. So that if 10 years to come the blogging does not pay, we can fall on other things.”

Talking about charges, he said his charges go way up when he does not want to do the interview, especially when it is promotional and he does not have interest in the content.

“My charges go way up when I don’t want to do the interview; if I don’t want to do it I will charge you huge amount that if you cannot afford you go away yourself,”he said

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