Juventus director under investigation over Suarez Italian exam

The sporting director of Italian football club Juventus has been placed under investigation over an alleged attempt to “speed up” Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez’s bid for citizenship.

The striker took a language exam as part of a proposed move to the team.

Prosecutors say the contents of the test were communicated in advance and the result was predetermined.

They have called for four university officials involved in administering the test to be suspended for eight months.

Juventus have strongly backed their sporting director, Fabio Paratici.

What is the prosecution’s case?

The Turin-based club wanted Suarez to obtain citizenship so they did not exceed a quota for non-European Union players.

Suarez’s wife is Italian, making him eligible to apply for an Italian passport.

But the 33-year-old player needed to pass a language exam, which he took at the University for Foreigners of Perugia on 17 September.

He obtained the intermediate qualification needed for citizenship in 15 minutes, having only done the oral part of the exam, according to Reuters news agency.

The university has denied wrongdoing.

Announcing the results of an inquiry on Friday, chief prosecutor Raffaele Cantone said Juventus’s management “took action, even at the highest institutional levels, to ‘speed up’ the granting of Italian citizenship for Suarez”.

Mr Paratici is accused of lying to prosecutors over the affair.

Juventus said investigations would clear Mr Paratici of all wrongdoing.

“Juventus Football Club confirms that today Fabio Paratici has been notified of information regarding the guarantee and the right of defence.

“The Club strongly reiterates the correctness of Paratici’s work and is confident that the ongoing investigations will help clarify his position within a reasonable time,” Juventus said in a statement.

Suarez completed a move instead to Atletico Madrid.

Source BBC
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